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Spare Time?

Try this: Jigsaw puzzles in three grades. Easy handling: You move the pieces with your mouse, pressing the left mouse button. Attention: The pieces can lie on top of each other.

You won't see the original foto here - so it is more difficult for you to solve the puzzle. But you can find most of the fotos somewhere else in this site.

A technobubble: Each puzzle has about 70 kb to 120 kb and needs Macromedia Shockwave Flash Player as plugin for your internet browser.

Don't they work? Please send an e-mail with the description of the problem and the name and version of your browser - perhaps we are able to solve the problem:
E-Mail: info@tram-museum.de

For Practice:

9 pieces per puzzle.

Night Shot

Rail Grinder


A Tram that never existed

GDR Interieur

Closed long ago

No Tramway

Last to Arrive

In the Snow


Another Tramstop

At the Tramstop

Not on four Wheels

No Tramcar

A Tramcar

In Between:

36 pieces per puzzle.

Electo Lokomotive

Vacuum Cleaner

Tram Locomotive

Electro Locomotive

Tram Face

Maintenance of Way

Waiting for the Parade

GDR Tram

A Trambahn

Before and after Reconstruction

No Tram

Old an Young

Night Shot

Still without Overhead


Tramway or Railroad?

At the Stop

In the Snow


Strassenbahn Hannover AG


At Night

Tram Parade

Terminal Loop


South-Western German Tram

For Longer:

100 pieces per puzzle.

Postwar Hannover

Service Car

Installing Overhead

In Profile


New Colored

Tram Locomotive

Oncoming Traffic

Winter 1991

A Car to bow Rails

Also Tramcars

Night Shot



Small but still Big

"Pedestrian Area"

A Street Scene

Two Trams

A Tram